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How it works


Water Saving Device GeyserStop

GS 750

1/2" Fitting - Handles Flow Rates of 60 GPM or 120 PSI

  • Self resetting 
  • Clog resistant
  • Helps prevent erosion
  • Works with all sprinkler types

The GeyserStop sprinkler control valve will reduce or eliminate the loss of water when a sprinkler, bubbler, or riser fails. These failures are commonly caused by mower damage, traffic, and vandalism. GeyserStop will stop the flow of water to the damaged heads while maintaining the integrity of the system until the problem is repaired. The GeyserStop GS series is a green product, manufactured with the highest quality-100% recycled materials. The valve requires no maintenance or monitoring, it is self cleaning and self-resetting. This product is easily installed to any irrigation system and works with all sprinkle

How to buy

Purchase on our website or via one our approved installation contractors.