how it works

Sprinklers, bubblers, and risers are frequently damaged by lawn mowers, traffic and vandalism. The amount of water flowing through a damaged sprinkler is much greater then the flow rate of the sprinkler. As a result large amounts of water is wasted, this also disrupts system integrity, ground erosion, mosquito breeding and other potential liabilities.

 Geyser STOP! is the simplest and most cost effective solution to save water from being wasted due to damaged irrigation systems. GeyserStop can pay for itself after just one day of having a broken sprinkler. Every Geyser STOP! is made out of top quality PVC plastic that EXCEEDS the industry standard and can withstand the toughest conditions.

The Geyser STOP! 2-way check valve will reduce or eliminate these problems by stopping the water flow to the sprinkler that has exceeded the normal flow rate. The Geyser STOP! allows the rest of the system to function normally, resetting itself when the cycle is complete. When the next cycle is initiated, the Geyser STOP! sets, stopping the flow to the damaged sprinkler, again and again. This means 24/7/365 protection to those damaged sprinklers that go unnoticed.

What is GeyserStop? a water saving device for sprinklers!

Limited Warranty Information

Limited Three Year Warranty

Watersav Enterprises products carry a limited three year warranty, which means, Watersav Enterprises warrants that the original purchaser of each new product shall be free from defective material and workmanship for the life of the product. Watersav will replace, at our discretion, any unit With such defects within this time.

This warranty does not cover any products that have been subjected to misuse, accident, neglect, fire, incorrect or improper installation or modification, physical damage from lawn maintenance equipment or vandalism.

If any of Watersav’s products are installed professionally, the installer must be a licensed contractor, familiar with the products operation and limitations. Watersav is not responsible for any damage to existing irrigation systems; including piping, electronic or manual valves, sprinkler heads, risers, timers, anti-siphons, fittings, couplings, manifolds etc. Damage to product due to improper application will not be honored. Proper pressure and gallons per minute application must be observed.

Watersav’s series valves are designed to operate with city or higher-grade water supplies only. Any other fluids or potentially contaminated liquids exposed to the product will void this warranty. Therefore, we will not warranty against failure caused by debris or potentially contaminated water supply interfering with product operation.

Limited three year warranty does not apply to irrigation systems not meeting city or state building codes where product is being used.

Watersav Enterprises is not liable for unit failure that results in personal or commercial property damage or landscape erosion. Watersav will not reimburse any claim for the water wasted due to failure.

Watersav Enterprises is not responsible for any loss of vegetation around, adjacent or surrounding any product that has stopped the flow of water to a flow device. This includes lawn brownout, trees, shrubs, bushes, gardens, flowers etc.

Our products may not be utilized on all irrigation systems due to the variation in system installation, application, pressures and flows. Watersav will honor this warranty in this situation only after a license contractor has inspected the installation and determined proper operation cannot be achieved. Watersav reserves the right to inspect the application in question and will determine overall responsibility.